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The Greys: alieni tra noi! The Greys: aliens between us!

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Things may have appeared quiet on the Greys front, but we have been busy behind the scenes...

First, we've been continuing to create our 'Elvie' strip for Linux Voice magazine. A few of those are now on our website, with the source files in our Github repository.

Secondly, we've been catching up with our backlog of French translations. We now have all of Season 2 translated - in addition to all of S1, S3 & S4 and most of S5. Huge thanks to Sam, our French translator, for the amazing amount of work he's done!

Finally, we were having trouble keeping up towards the end of Season 5, so some strips went online without Easter Eggs and SVG files. This has now been rectified, so all 139 Greys strips on our site have Inkscape SVG files you can download, each of which contains at least one Easter Egg.

We've started work on Season 6 now, but the struggles of S5 have shown that we can't continue to hit a fortnightly deadline - not if we want to keep the standards up and continue to produce ever more elaborate Easter Eggs. So S6 strips will be posted on an "as they're ready" basis, rather than a strict time scale.

One final thing: we're going to have a table at Oggcamp in Oxford (UK) on 4th & 5th October. It's a "Free Culture unconference", featuring Free Software, Free Culture works, open hardware, 3D printing, and a few Creative Commons comics ;)

Hello my friend , thanks a lot for the updates, and I `m glad to hear that you will be at Oggcamp, I don` t promise but I will try to come

I've just posted Sam's final Season 5 French translation to our website. Meaning that, of our 139 Greys comics, he has managed to translate 138 of them, complete with commentaries and Easter Eggs! An incredible achievement for just one man in his spare time, and we can't thank him enough.

Now that we have a complete set of French translations for Season 1 & 2, I'm putting together "version 2.0" of our CD-ROM, with a plan to launch it at OggCamp next weekend. If anyone feels like creating a quick Italian translation for one of the missing S1 or S2 strips in the next few days, then I'd be happy to accept it. You can see the current state of all the translations here:


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