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The Greys: alieni tra noi! The Greys: aliens between us!

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Sam, our French translator, has just sent me his 100th Greys translation! What makes this achievement even more amazing is that they all include the Easter Eggs and commentary.

We haven't posted them all online yet, but you can keep track of all our translations via our Google spreadsheet - it would be great to get some more entries in the Italian column ;)

Thank you, Mark, for this post. In this period I am improving my English, so I will try to translate  some Greys strips.
I apologize for my silence, but I had a mental block with the language, after my trip in London. I thought that my English was bad and I was not able to write and speak in English.
Now I am doing some hangouts in English via Google+ and I am following some courses in Coursera, so I think I am able to write in a good English, and to translate in Italian.

Marina, I'm sorry to hear about your mental block - I thought your English was very good when I met you in London. (Certainly a lot better than my Italian!) It's easy to get a bit disheartened after being exposed to so many native speakers, as it can make it feel like you're a long way from being fluent. But do keep going and you'll get more comfortable with it in time.

As for the comics, of course we would love to have some more translations from you. As usual, though, there's no pressure - just do whatever you feel like, when you want to.

We've received a box of books ready for sale on Saturday. If any UK readers are in or near Aylesbury (Bucks), then do drop into Friar's Square on Saturday 4th May for Free Comic Book Day to say hello (and preferably to buy one of our nice new comic books, but that's not a requirement).

I've just put another French translation from Sam on our site, which finally means that there are over 100 of our strips online in French, with more still to post!


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