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The Greys: alieni tra noi! The Greys: aliens between us!

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Nel sito ci sono tutti i fumetti, basta cliccare sulla categoria comics. In effetti anch'io non li trovavo, poi ho capito come fare:

In the site there are every comic, you have to click the cathegory comics. Me too, I can't find it, then I understood what to do:

I sent an email to Mark, I will start from the first  of the first season, so the story  will be clearer.


--- Citazione da: spaventapasseri - 16 Marzo, 2011, 17:08:49 pm ---I would like to translate some of them as well.
--- Termina citazione ---

I'll send you an email with some more details.

If anyone is having trouble finding the comics, try this:

1) Go to - this will always show the most recent comic just underneath our header image
2) Below the comic there are a few buttons. You can use the "Previous" button to step backwards through our comics, or the "Random" button to jump to a random comic.
3) If you want to start from the beginning, click the small "First" button at the left. You can then use the "Next" button to step through them in order.

We post a new comic every two weeks (and sometimes more), so you can just visit occasionally to see the latest work.

--- Citazione da: OpenCode - 16 Marzo, 2011, 17:07:36 pm ---I flattred you work....i clicked on flattr button on your site....good works....:-)

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Thank you, it's really appreciated  :D

I saw the buttons, it's the better way to find the comics.

These comics are so hilarious and very professional.


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