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Inkscape Community and Gallery
« il: 08 Dicembre, 2013, 19:42:10 pm »
Hi Friends,
After moderating at for a few years, and wanting a more full featured Inkscape website, I decided to build one.  Inkscape Community opened on August 1st.  And at spaventapasseri's suggestion, I added a gallery, Inkscape Community Gallery which opened a month later.

The gallery is a Coppermine Gallery, bridged with the Simple Machines Forum with Tiny Portal.  Both the forum and the gallery have multiple language support.  However, one of the main features of the site, the Inkscape Tutorials page, is only in English.  And of course, the messages aren't translated either.  I know that lot of people use translation software to translate.  So that is one option. 

I've been searching for a way to provide the full translation of the site, but so far, I haven't found any.  I am aware of google's products, but have found it frustrating to understand some of its translations.  Maybe a better solution will come along, someday.  Or maybe google's will improve.

Anyway, please feel free to visit, look around, and register if you like.  Each registered and logged in member automatically is logged into the gallery, where they can create their own user gallery.  It's for any image made with Inkscape, in whole or in part, and the only Inkscape gallery I know about, which allows any member to upload.

All best,

PS -- If anyone wants to translate this message to Italian, please feel free  :)


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