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new Inkscape website
« il: 10 Agosto, 2013, 04:10:05 am »
Hi Friends,
I told spaventapasseri about this last week, but forgot to make a posting here.  So sorry for the delay.

Inkscape Community is mostly about tutorials.  I've made a page with links to all of what I think are the best tutorials for Inkscape.  It will be kept current -- i.e. outdated tutorials removed, new tutorials added, if a tutorial is found to missing its illustrations, I'll remove it, etc.

While that page contains links to existing tutorials, there is also a way for members to write new tutorials which would be hosted there.  In the case of video tutorials, at least for now, you'd have to use vimeo to host it.  Once I figure out how to host videos, I hope I can host them as well as the text tutorials.

Members whom I know from either or whom spaventapasseri recommends from this forum (since I don't keep up here, on a daily basis) can be promoted, and begin writing tutorials right away.

Also, there is a forum.  In light of so many other Inkscape forums, such as this, and, I expect it won't be very busy.  At least not until I can build my search engine ranking. 

And finally, I'll be adding a gallery, asap.  Surprisingly, gallery software makers don't feel it's relevant to advertise which image file types they support.  They don't list them as Features  :o So I may need to install them and attempt to upload an SVG, just to find out.  But it seems that not many gallery softwares can support SVG.  The good news though, is that most of the ones I've looked at offer many different languages.

I've tried to make the forum using multiple different languages, but there are still some mysteries about that, for me.  So it may not be working properly yet.  But the gallery will have separate files  (its own files) for languages, so the gallery will be international from the start, whether or not the forum is.  (As far as I can tell  ;D )

Anyway, if you read English, or, lol, want to find out whether you can see the forum in Italian (I actually don't know, although I'm guessing it's not working) please feel free to stop by and look around!


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