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International section / [Please delete Topic]
« il: 11 Agosto, 2020, 17:47:01 pm »
..please delete topic.

International section / Re:tucan
« il: 14 Febbraio, 2017, 02:34:28 am »
hey bobol, thanks a lot!

here is the actual progress at the tucan - embroidery:

spaventapasseri, i am still working at the strips but there have not been any funny ideas for a while now. maybe there will be some nice laughter in 2017...

International section / tucan
« il: 06 Gennaio, 2017, 14:18:00 pm »
felice anno nuovo! i'm actually drawing a tucan. what do you think about it?


International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 04 Maggio, 2014, 19:23:56 pm »
.back again proudly presenting you a new very short short. hope you'll enjoy! as you see the production has been a mix up
of opensource-cgi-tools, with inkscape leading the way for the texture-works in combination with gimp.

MILO&PAUL:..why fish are better..:
very short short

ingredients made with and many thanks to:
caustics *Jos Stam, INRIA,*
sand texture **

International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 11 Gennaio, 2014, 19:18:25 pm »
Felice Anno Nuovo!

new years' strip:


created with

new free-to-use artwork:




International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 17 Novembre, 2013, 19:08:44 pm »
hey spaventapasseri, decided to stick to 3-language-strips for now, because i am really overloaded with work and can hardly create a 3-language strip from time to time. so i hope that i can ask you kindly for your support if there is a total demand for italian-language-version in the future.

new animated strip (gif, 1500kb): rash..:

created with
*inkscape (artwork)*
*blender (animation, video cut, render)*
*imagemagick (conversion to gif)*
*gimp (gif compression)*
*gifsicle (reduction of gif palette balancing quality/size)*

new free-to-use artwork:



International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 10 Luglio, 2013, 13:35:53 pm »
new animated strip (gif, 1700kb): warming..:

created with
*inkscape (artwork)*
*blender (animation, video cut, render)*
*imagemagick (conversion to gif)*
*gimp (gif compression)*
*gifsicle (reduction of gif palette balancing quality/size)*

new free-to-use artwork:


ps.: spaventapasseri, translation in italian version will be a lot of work as i have to translate the text of the webpage in general and the text from the previous strips so i am still looking forward to start this as soon as time allows.

International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 18 Gennaio, 2013, 21:22:45 pm »
new years' strip

..hard luck (una brutta faccenda?) ..:

calamaro, free to use svg - artwork:


International section / open comic challenge
« il: 12 Gennaio, 2013, 13:52:49 pm »
started a challenge at

feel free to participate and have fun!


International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 10 Novembre, 2012, 11:29:36 am »
Cool I like Jellyfish since you started, now web-comic clip , you are doing a great job..

thanks, i am very happy to read that!!! it would be very cool to see an italian version, so i am going to send you the odt file any time soon.


International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 04 Novembre, 2012, 19:51:18 pm »

glad to present you the first "Jellyfish Dessert" webcomicclip.

artwork is done - as usual - with inkscape and imported in blender for animation and soundsetting.

comment if you hate, like or dont care.. looking forward to hear from you.


International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 25 Settembre, 2012, 23:13:18 pm »
back again with new comic-strip

..last fish..

leave a comment if you like..


International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 08 Luglio, 2012, 12:08:58 pm »
..we care..

actual strip and new artwork@


International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 04 Giugno, 2012, 22:13:24 pm »
thanks for reading and correcting, changed the link to seamonkey.

i started the comic during a surf-trip in france. it was a pretty rainy week, you could just walk to the beach in short rain breaks. waves and streams were so heavy - no surf, just staying in the tent. also a lot of purple jellyfishes (Physalia physalis) on the beach, hundreds of them and even swimming in the ocean was forbidden.

so i sketched some jelly strips and digitalized with inkscape later. just for the fun of it.

International section / Re:JellyfishDessert
« il: 03 Giugno, 2012, 21:10:41 pm »
..familiar whale..

new comic-strip with inkscape and gimp @


cartoon - character - animation with inkscape and blender


rendered animation as avi:
free-to-use .blend - file:
free-to-use character .svg - file:

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